2014 Christmas in the Homes

Christmas Fundraiser Card

Please consider supporting Nacer Ministries’ fourth annual fundraiser for Christmas presents to ensure that each one of the children in the homes is given presents to brighten their Christmas. Nacer Ministries keeps Christ in Christmas and uses the opportunity to show His love through each present given to the children. Our goal is to raise $50 per child so we can purchase new clothing and other items that they both need and enjoy.

To donate, click here or mail your donation to Nacer USA, PO Box 266, Bluffton, OH 45817. Consider donating enough for one child, two children, or any other amount. Thanks for giving this holiday season!

Donations received beyond our goal will go for the homes’ general fund.

Around the Homes #10 – Final Highlight


Another expense, yet smaller, that we have in regards to the children’s education is their transportation to school.

Both the Cristo Viene boy’s home and the Nacer home are about one mile from the school the boys attend.  We try to always take the boys in our bus or our van so they don’t have to walk alongside the busy highway.

school bus

Boys on our bus going to school.

In the city at the Cristo Viene girls’ home, the majority of the girls study at schools only a few blocks away.  However, there are a few older girls that are in a special high school program which is located on the other side of the city.  These girls must travel by public bus everyday and the home of course give them the bus fares that they need.

Nacer Ministries every month sets aside money both for the older girls’ bus fares and for the fuel needed to take the boys to school in the bus.  We spend roughly $150 per month to take the children to their schools.

Please consider financially supporting Nacer Ministries so they can always provide for the children’s needs.  Getting the kids to school everyday is just one of the many activities in the homes that you can be a part of!  Donate today! 

Around the Homes #9


More often than not, when a child arrives to one of our homes, they are often very behind on their studies and need extra help to get caught up.  We do not want to see any child held back and disadvantaged in their schooling because of their past circumstances.


One of the ways that we strive to have the children excel in their studies is by having a tutor in the homes.  Currently, we have one tutor in the Cristo Viene girls’ home and one that works between the Nacer home and the Cristo Viene boys’ home.  They do a great job ensuring that all the children do their homework and also help the younger children with their homework when they need it.  The tutors are also responsible for distributing the school materials to the children as they need it.  As we said early, the homes spend lots of money for school supplies and our tutors do a great job of monitoring the distribution of it and making sure that it is all used properly.

From yesterday’s highlight, you know that we spend nearly 40% of our budget in workers’ salaries.  This is yet another one of the workers that are doing an excellent work with the children.  Consider making a donation today, knowing that your support will go to ensuring the children receive great attention that they need.  Your financial support will go to numerous needs in the home, one of which is providing educational support, like tutors, for the children in the homes.

Donate today!

Around the Homes #8


Nacer Ministries has great workers!  We take pride in how dedicated our staff are to working with the children in the homes.

All of the staff in the homes are paid by the ministry.  Each home has an administrator, a social worker, day staff, night staff, and a tutor.  We also have a psychologist, gardener, and cooks that work in some of the homes.  In the administration of the ministry, we have a director, accountant, driver, and social worker.  Nacer Ministries is responsible for paying all of their salaries.

Two of our awesome workers!

Two of our awesome workers!

We have no shame in asking you for financial support in order to pay their salaries.  Many of our workers have been with Nacer Ministries for many years and it is a testimony to their dedication to serving the children.  We would not be able to have a great team of workers for each home without the help of so many dedicated supporters.  These are the people that work day in and day out with the children, alongside them through all of their struggles.  They are well deserving of their salary.

Please consider financially supporting this great ministry so that we are able to provide them with the salary they deserve.  Nearly 40% of Nacer Ministries’ monthly budget goes toward paying the salaries of all our workers.  The workers make the ministry happen.

In addition to financially supporting the ministry, we ask you always to be in prayer for the great staff that are in the ministry.  Pray that they would have wisdom, be encouraged, and have patience.


Around the Homes #7


Ever try to cook for 60 people?  Ever try to feed those 60 people every meal of every day of the month?

Ministerios Nacer is currently caring for more than 60 children which means that is 60 mouths to feed.  The homes and administration do an amazing job of menu planning, making things stretch, and ensuring the food gets used in a timely manner.  Even though they diligently administer the food of the homes, a substantial food bill is unavoidable for Ministerios Nacer every month.

Food Bill

Nearly 20% of Ministerios Nacer’s monthly operating budget goes to food.  Earlier in the week we highlighted the weekly market trips.  This is included in the 20% but is only a small fraction of the other food that is purchased throughout the month.  Rice, sugar, and flour are the staples that are purchased in bulk in 100 lb. bags.  Everything else is purchased in bulk as well, just not in such large quantities.  All the dry food products are purchased once a month for the three homes in order to purchase everything together at a lower price.

We have plenty of mouths to feed in the homes of Ministerios Nacer.  You can help us feed those children and you don’t even have to walk into your kitchen.  You can donate online today and allow Ministerios Nacer to continue it’s great work with the children of Bolivia.  Giving a well-balanced, hearty meal to a child three times a day is an excellent way to start showing Christ’s love to countless abandoned children!  Consider committing to donate $20, $50, or even $100 on a monthly basis to partner with Ministerios Nacer to feed these children!



Around the Homes #6


As we mentioned earlier in the week, the homes are responsible for the educational needs of the children.  Every student in Bolivia receives a small stipend from the government once a year for their studies, but this stipend is not nearly enough.  We’ve already mentioned one additional need for the children’s education and there are many more.

School Materials

Though the stipend is used to purchase school materials for the children, there is always still a need for more.  On average, we spend nearly $70 per child throughout the school year for all their supplies.  This includes all their text books, notebooks, special assignment materials, science fair project supplies, and everything else they need to succeed in their education.

We don’t want the children in the homes to simply go to school and get by with the minimum.  We want the children to go to school, fully prepared, and equipped to reach their maximum performance!  Having the materials needed also gives an additional confidence boost that many of the children need to be encouraged and motivated in their studies.

We’d like to challenge you on Day #6 of our Around the Homes Fundraising Campaign to donate $70.  Your $70 will not be going to one specific child for school materials, it will be going to all the children for all the needs you have seen here this week!  Open your heart to this great ministry and let your financial investment be a blessing to so many underprivileged children in Bolivia.  $70 can mean the ability to excel for a child in his/her studies and create a huge difference in his/her life; you can initiate that difference by donating today!   It will be a $70 investment with endless returns!

Around the Homes #5


In Ministerios Nacer, maintenance of the homes’ facilities is something that is always ongoing.  Sometimes there are simple maintenance issues and other times there are much more complex maintenance issues and updating to do.  This past year, we have replaced roofs at the Cristo Viene Niños home, installed security lighting and alarms at the Cristo Viene Niñas home, added doors in the Nacer home, and many other smaller maintenance projects.


As many of you know, a lot of our maintenance and building projects are done by missions teams that come to Bolivia from North America.   But the maintenance issues come up throughout the year, even when teams aren’t here.  The majority of these maintenance concerns are not large scale and do not need a whole team to work on.  They are more often smaller projects that someone in the homes can perform or a local handy man can repair.

Throughout the year, Ministerios Nacer spends on average $400 a month on maintenance on the three homes.  This includes larger projects of adding doors, changing out all the wire screens, fixing water pumps, etc.  It also includes simple, reoccurring issues like a leaky faucet, a broken roof tile, a broken door handle, etc.  It goes without saying that these are all things that must be attended to, and only become more problematic the longer they are left unattended.

The homes will always have maintenance expenses in order to provide the best facilities we can for the children in our homes.  We could not have the facilities we have for the children without your help.  Please consider being a part of this ministry and donating today so we can continue to maintain the facilities and provide for all of the needs of the children.  Donate here.