Sponsorship Programs

The children at Fundacion Nuevo Corazon each have a different story from neglect, abandonment, abuse, and/or extreme poverty. Fundacion Nuevo Corazon believes that in spite of their past, each child can have a bright future. We are committed to helping each child reach his or her full potential through Bible studies, education, nutrition, good hygiene, and a safe place to live. As you know, each of these things cost money.

The sponsorship program is a way to help support the home to meet the need of the children in the home and to help you know how to pray for the children. One hundred percent of the donation goes into the Fundacion Nuevo Corazon general fund to help provide for of the child’s needs. None of it goes directly to the child, but indirectly by way of helping the home provide caregivers, food, water, electricity, clothes, education, medical care, etc.

We ask that you not only commit to support a child, but also commit to pray for that child. By sponsoring a child you will help change lives. Your investment in a child’s life not only meets physical needs, but it offers encouragement and hope by showing you care.

You can start your sponsorship by contacting us at sponsorships@nacerusa.org. A soon as we receive your email address and name we can begin correspondence with you and your family. You can request a child or we can match you with one. Once you have been matched up, we will send you more specific information, updates, and pictures about your child’s progress. You may also send updates and pictures of yourself. They enjoy learning about you too. Communication will be translated then forwarded on.

A minimum monthly commitment of $20 is required for the sponsorship program for every child you wish to sponsor. This is not a maximum of course, and any amount above this is more than welcomed. Fundacion Nuevo Corazon invests on average $400 per month on each child. Therefore, we encourage you to donate on a monthly basis the amount you are comfortable with between $20 and $400. Once you have contacted us with your intent to sponsor a child, please go to our Donate page to sign-up for your monthly donations. All donations are made to Nacer, USA and are tax-deductible.

Please send all questions, inquires and correspondence directly to sponsorships@nacerusa.org.

Thank you for your support.