Nacer USA was established to support the work of native ministries around the world.  We are thrilled to be supporting Fundacion Nuevo Corazon.  This is a ministry born out of a vision of a group of Bolivia pastors and supported by their local churches.  We can’t think of a better way to invest in a work that is going to make an incredible impact on the lives of children and families in this life and for eternity.  It’s our desire to come alongside this Bolivia ministry and give them the resources to carry out this great vision they have.

It is the vision of Nacer, USA to impact the orphaned, abandoned and abused children of the world for Jesus Christ by mobilizing churches, organizations and individuals for the physical and spiritual support of Christian children’s homes and administrative staff.

It is the mission of Nacer, USA to:

  • Raise funds through churches, individuals and other organizations for the support of the children’s homes daily needs and projects.
  • Facilitate travel and coordination of groups and individuals focusing on projects and ministry to the children’s homes.
  • Care for the physical, medical and spiritual needs of children, administrators and the staff of the children’s homes.
  • Provide educational support and guidance counseling for the children.
  • Oversee and coordinate with other missionary organizations for short term and long term missionaries to the children’s homes.
  • Recruit and coordinate with Christian schools and universities for short term missions outreach to the children’s homes.
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